HID OMNIKEY 5321 Driver For Windows

The OMNIKEY 5021 CL contactless smart card reader delivers convenience, speed, and security for PC and network log-on. So email encryption and digital signature, and contactless physical access. This USB reader provides CCID support and offers a variety of smart accessories and mounting options.

It supports both low and high-frequency credentials for a smooth migration path enabling mixed credential technology environments. It also has EMD suppression to reduce the risk of false card insertions.

Windows® HID OMNIKEY 5321 Driver:

The OMNIKEY 5321 is a USB smart card reader that works in all operating systems from Windows to Linux and Mac.

It also supports iCLASS-enabled logical access applications using HID Global’s naviGO, which simplifies the deployment and management of strong authentication user credentials stored on iCLASS smart cards.

The readers are compatible with both CCID and Key Wedge operation modes. The CCID support eliminates the need for drivers and allows the reader to use it. So it is on standard PCs without installing additional software.

The Key Wedge support enables the reader to directly retrieve data from a card and present it to any application by emulating keyboard strokes.

The OMNIKEY 5025CL is ideal for use with existing proximity HID Prox cards, enabling easy implementation of new logical access applications such as network login.

So email encryption, and digital signature as well as a variety of contactless PKI-related applications. It is a compact, stylish reader with a number of accessories and mounting options.

Mac® HID OMNIKEY 5321 Driver:

The OMNIKEY 5021 CL smart card reader enables PC and network log-on, email encryption, and digital signature as well as contactless physical access or logical PKI applications.

It combines both low and high-frequency technologies in one reader to accommodate existing HID Prox cards, enabling easy migration to logical access solutions without the need for re-badging.

It features durable, rugged housing and is available with optional mounting accessories, including an adhesive plate, screw mount, and card retainer to match the requirements of specific use environments. In addition, it is equipped with an IO-Link connector to enable advanced connectivity and management capabilities.

The OMNIKEY 5021 CL supports iCLASS-enabled logical access applications with Navigo, which simplifies deployment and automates user lifecycle management with self-service enrollment, PIN management, and knowledge-based authentication. It complies with all relevant industry standards and is backed by an extensive lifetime support policy.


The OMNIKEY 5021 CL is a PC-linked desktop reader that works with existing HID proximity cards enabling new logical access applications such as network log-on, email encryption, and digital signature. The reader is also compatible with contact-based smart cards, making it ideal for point-of-sale applications.

The reader features a stylish design with a small footprint and functions on virtually any platform. It offers CCID and Key Wedge operation modes, providing flexibility in how the device configure independently of the operating system. Moreover, it supports low and high-frequency technologies within a single reader for a seamless migration path.

The OMNIKEY 5321 CL supports standard iCLASS(r) and MIFARE(r) Classic credentials along with other contactless ISO 14443 A/B cards and tags.

It is also capable of suppressing electromagnetic distortion (EMD) and provides an excellent reading range with a minimized error rate.


OMNIKEY readers provide contactless smart card technology for PC-linked applications. So such as log-on to Windows, networks, websites, and applications to securely store user names, passwords, and personal information.

They offer an economical way to expand building or employee access by adding contactless smart card capability without a major hardware overhaul.

These drivers are essential for establishing a stable connection between the Android phone or tablet and the computer. So and there’s a lot you can do with them—including file transfers, backing up data, rooting your device, and executing ADB commands.

To get the job done, you’ll need to disable Driver Signature Enforcement in Windows (full guide here). Then install the Android USB drivers with Driver Easy.

This will take seconds. The installer will probably pop up a scary dialogue box that questions the validity of the software publisher.

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