ApeosPort VI C5571 Driver For Windows

Smart Work Gateway:

The Smart Work Gateway feature design to connect the ApeosPort devices to existing document workflows over cloud services or internal processes enabling a high level of scalability that adapts easily to your evolving business requirements.

It features top security certifications, predictive maintenance, and automated workflow capabilities – a robust feature set that slips right into your existing environment.

With data-centric security and Document Rights Management, you can control access to both paper and digital information.

The digital signature attached to sent documents prevents modification and sender falsification, while the image log function enables job logs and usage time to retain for prompt investigation of information leakage from the multifunctional device.

Moreover, by importing a device certificate, available functions, and color output can be restricted on a user basis.

In addition, a simple image log of transmitted fax documents can capture making it easy to verify the sender and reduce information leakage risks.

Mobile Print & Scan ApeosPort VI C5571 Driver:

Also, Print emails, photos, and important office documents directly from AppleTM iOS and AndroidTM mobile devices with no driver installation or network cables required.

The MFD supports direct Wi-Fi® connection from mobile devices, enabling flexible workstyles even in areas where a stable network is not available.

Scan documents in a duplex manner with the automatic document feeder at high speed to save time and paper.

Documents can also be save in a folder with a custom file name created by a PC combine with the document type and date for easier search.

By installing a device certificate on the MFD, digital signatures can be added to scan documents, and encrypted communication based on S/MIME can be performed for outgoing emails/internet faxes.

The 9-inch, color touch screen features simple icons driven by flick and drags operation promoting similar and consistent operability to smartphone/tablet devices. Users can easily release jobs with their proximity card, PIN number, or username and password at the MFD to gain control of printing costs.

ApeosPort VI C5571 Driver Mopria Certification:

The Mopria Print Service is a free app for your Android mobile device. It enables you to print without installing brand-specific print apps on your mobile devices, and it supports the vast majority of Brother wireless printers and all-in-ones introduced since 2015.

With the support of the Mopria Alliance – a global non-profit organization that drives selected printing standards – you can easily print from a smartphone or tablet using any compatible printer over your company’s wireless network.

Y Soft’s enterprise print server, YSoft SAFEQ, has been certified as a Mopria Print Service app that supports mobile printing on Android 4.4 (KitKat) and above.

Simply connect your smartphone or tablet to your Brother device via proximity card, PIN number, Wi-Fi Direct, or NFC tap-to-print, and then select the file on the app. A document log is also create automatically to help you track the print history of individual users.

This feature enables you to manage your workflows effectively by monitoring usage patterns and limiting access by specific people or groups.

Serverless On-Demand Print:

The ApeosPort VI series comes preinstalled with an application for directly accessing cloud services for printing and scanning. This simplifies device management and makes cloud services available immediately after installation.

Print emails, photos, and important office documents from your iPhone or iPad without installing drivers or connecting via Wi-Fi. Simply tap your Mopria-certified device on the MFD’s touchpoint and authenticate with UniSA computer login credentials.

Reimagine your operations and streamline communications, setting a new benchmark in usability. With a 9-inch, color touch screen, simple icons drive flick, drag and tap operation, promoting similar and consistent operability to smartphones and tablet devices.

Reduce administrative work by allowing users to release their own prints with a proximity card, username, and password or PIN number – without the need for a central print server.

The usage records of multiple MFDs can also consolidate raising cost awareness for the entire office. This can also help prevent lost or stolen documents.

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