ApeosPort C3070 Driver For Windows

With comprehensive security features, ApeosPort devices offer top-level information management standards – from preventing unauthorized access to protecting confidential documents.

They can also record fax transmission image logs, reducing the risk of information leakage and helping to identify the cause promptly.

The new device series accelerates document workflows, eliminating technological barriers to add flexibility to your work environment. They incorporate advanced functionality including document reprinting and wireless connectivity.

Security measures:

The ApeosPort series accelerates business evolution by removing technological barriers and adding flexibility to your work environment.

Its versatile feature set includes top security certifications, predictive maintenance, and automated workflows. It also offers comprehensive security measures that reduce the risk of information leakage and data tampering, and it supports the creation of potential backup plans for all scanned documents to protect against disasters.

Data-centric security features prevent information leaks by protecting documents against modification and distribution, even after a device is stolen.

Also, Image log management enables you to check the transmission history of each document, making it easy to respond quickly should confidential information leak.

With Smart Work Gateway, you can centrally monitor the status of networked devices, reducing downtime and improving productivity.

Moreover, it delivers key operating information that supports proactive response, such as pre-emptive alerts and usage data gathered from device sensors. So It also enables cost optimization through automated supply tracking and reordering.

SMB/E-mail/Internet faxing:

Enhanced connectivity enables the new ApeosPort series to be integrated with document workflows over cloud services and internal processes to reduce redundancies, improve turnaround times and enhance productivity.

In addition, the wireless LAN kit option allows users to print securely from mobile devices without a wire connection.

When sending documents via SMB/E-mail/Internet faxing, digital signatures can be attached, and encrypted communication based on S/MIME can be performed.

This helps prevent documents from being tampered with and falsified by malicious parties. Also, the image log function lets a transmitted fax document’s image data be saved to a PC with a password. So which reduces the risk of confidential information leaks.

The operation screen displayed after authentication can be customized to suit your needs, and the hierarchy-free screen structure makes.

So, it is easier to specify destination settings even if you are unfamiliar with the device. This makes the operating procedure simpler and more intuitive.

Moreover, power consumption is reduced by using Smart Energy Management Technology, which intelligently distributes the power to areas for actual use.

Image log management:

The ApeosPort series supports the use of NFC technology to simplify print and scan operations. It can also be connected to Fuji Xerox’s cloud services and internal document workflows via its built-in Gigabit Ethernet port. This allows it to seamlessly integrate with existing systems and add new features for improved productivity.

By importing a device certificate, digital signatures and encrypted communication base on S/MIME can be performed when sending e-mails or Internet fax documents.

In addition, scan image logs can be automatically retained and retrieved to reduce the risk of information leakage.

The multifunctional device also supports secure printing by using a security PIN and a password to prevent unauthorized users from accessing the printer and creating prints.

In addition, a soft blue light flashes during printing and stays lit after the job is finished, so that users can easily check if their printed materials have been collect.

This helps to prevent information leakage caused by uncollected prints and enables businesses to manage their print environment efficiently.

Integration with Microsoft Azure Active Directory:

The ApeosPort device integrates with Microsoft Azure Active Directory (Azure AD), a cloud-based identity management service. So, that allows centralized authentication and permission control for users and devices. This integration lets you configure print security policies using a single console.

For example, you can specify a destination for fax documents sent to an IP address or email account. This enables you to avoid storing paper copies of important documents and reduces the risk of information leaks.

Currently when using standard Azure AD sync and 2FA/MFA enabled for login to the User or Admin web interface page.

The ‘Sign in with Microsoft’ button doesn’t work if you disable the ‘Import disabled users’ option on the Azure AD sync settings. You can still login with a username/password on these pages though. We are working on a fix for this.

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