Samsung S8 Plus USB Drivers for Windows


If you own a Samsung Galaxy smartphone or tablet, you may be looking for a way to connect it to your PC. You might be trying to transfer files, or flash your phone’s Stock ROM (Firmware) using Odin. If you’re a Windows user, you need to download and install the proper USB drivers on your … Read more

Zenfone 5 USB Driver for Windows


If you’re using a Zenfone 5 and you want to use it with your PC, you need to install the right USB Driver. These drivers enable your computer to recognize your device and allow you to transfer data, flash firmware, and more. If you’re having trouble connecting your phone to your PC, it could be … Read more

MyPhone MyX1 USB Driver for Windows


MyPhone MyX1 USB Driver is a tool that lets you transfer files between an Android device and your computer. If you want to use this feature, you’ll need to install the correct driver for your device. To do this, start by connecting your device to the computer’s USB port. Next, open the “Device Manager” in … Read more

Universal USB Driver for Windows


A Universal Serial Bus (USB) is an interface that connects a variety of devices, including digital cameras, keyboards, mice, printers, scanners, and media players. It has replaced the parallel and serial ports that were used in previous computer systems. USB provides plug-and-play functionality, which enables the operating system to automatically discover and configure peripheral devices. … Read more

Oppo USB Driver for Windows


Oppo USB Driver is a software component that will make the connection between your device and your PC. It allows you to transfer data, backup & restore and flash the stock firmware on your smartphone. Also, It is available for all Android smartphones, new and old. It is free of cost. What is a USB … Read more

LG VS986 USB Driver for Windows


The LG VS986 USB Driver makes it easier to connect the phone to your computer. You can transfer files and folders, backup messages (including chats), contacts, and music. Using this driver, you can also flash stock firmware on the LG G4 VS986. It is free and easy to use. 1. Download for LG VS986 USB … Read more

Sabrent RS232 to USB Driver for Windows


If you want to connect an RS232 device to your computer via a USB port, you will need to download and install the appropriate driver. These drivers sit between the device and your computer program, allowing it to work correctly. Fortunately, Sabrent has made it easy to find and download the right RS232 to USB … Read more

M Audio MobilePre USB Drivers for Windows


M Audio MobilePre USB Driver is a USB-powered audio interface that’s ideal for laptop recording, including field recording and sampling expeditions. It also offers zero-latency direct monitoring. The driver provides low latency and supports mono, stereo, and multi-channel streams with any sample rate the device can provide. It also controls mute, volume, and gain. 1. … Read more

Serial to USB Driver for Windows


The USB-to-Serial Adapter is a type of protocol converter that converts USB data signals to and from serial communications standards (serial ports). It is primarily used with devices with RS-232, RS-485, or TTL-level UART serial connectors. Also, It supports Windows compatibility with plug-and-play installation and hot-capability to eliminate. The setup hassle found with traditional serial … Read more

Samsung USB Driver 64-bit for Windows


Samsung USB Driver 64-bit is a windows program that gives your PC/Laptop access to communicate with your Galaxy device. It lets you browse files, flash Stock firmware, and more. It is free to download and use, without any limitations. Moreover, it works with a wide variety of versions of Windows including 32-bit and 64-bit. Compatibility … Read more