M Audio Fast Track Pro Drivers For Windows

The M Audio Fast Track Pro is a USB audio interface designed for computer-based digital audio recording. It offers 2 combined microphone/instrument/line inputs, a 48 V phantom power switch, and MIDI input & output ports.

It also supports near-zero latency direct hardware monitoring and low-latency ASIO software monitoring. The front panel hosts four gain controls for the mic preamps, as well as a 20dB pad button that lowers the input level.

Drivers M Audio Fast Track Pro Drivers:

The Fast Track Pro is a compact audio and MIDI interface designed to provide professional quality I/O in a portable package. It features two high-quality microphone/instrument preamps, stereo line inputs, and outputs, plus S/PDIF I/O – all in a small and light design.

Its front panel hybrid XLR/TRS inputs support microphone or line level signals with switchable 48 V phantom power. And it supports recording and playback at sample rates up to 24-bit 96 kHz, with the ability to choose between digital and analog output modes.

It also offers near-zero latency direct hardware monitoring and low-latency ASIO software monitoring, so you can hear your tracks being recorded as they’ll sound in your DAW.

Plus, it gives you the flexibility to create alternative monitor mixes that can be fed to either the pair of stereo outputs or the headphone jack. You can even set up the mix to include a portion of your computer’s speaker system for DJ-style cueing.

Installation for M Audio Fast Track Pro Drivers:

The M Audio Fast Track Pro USB Interface with Pro Tools SE Software comprises a USB audio interface with microphone preamps and a complete music composition software suite.

Once connected to a computer, the hardware and software combination provides the center of a project studio recording system.

Ensure that the input signal levels are not too hot, as this can cause clipping and distortion. Input levels should be monitor using the input level meters in your audio application.

If the system does not automatically recognize your audio device, you may need to install drivers from the M-Audio website. Follow the on-screen instructions to download and install the latest driver.

You can also use a tool such as Bit Driver Updater to scan your computer and find outdated drivers. This tool will then allow you to update the drivers, is back by a guarantee, and features a restore/backup feature for extra peace of mind. You can download the tool for free, and start scanning and updating your drivers.

Common Errors:

The M Audio Fast Track Pro is an external USB interface for recording music sequences on a PC. It features a combination of analog input and output jacks for instruments and monitors, S / PDIF in / out, MIDI in / out, and a headphone jack.

M-audio has provided a number of brief tutorials and FAQs to help users troubleshoot problems with their hardware. These can be accessed by clicking the links below.

Problems with Pro Tools:

M Audio is aware of several issues affecting the performance of its products in Pro Tools. These are described below:

AE Error -13:

This error can occur when using multiple audio devices on the same computer. The problem occurs when the Pro Tools system has difficulty communicating with all of the devices at once, especially in the case where the devices are on different IO ports. This can cause the Pro Tools session to become unresponsive and may result in a crash.


The M-Audio Fast Track Pro is a high-quality audio and MIDI interface that connects to your computer through any USB port.

It has jacks for connecting analog microphones and instruments, as well as stereo line outputs and headphone inputs.

It also features a built-in synthesizer and supports MIDI sequencing programs such as Logic, GarageBand, and Pro Tools.

Before you begin recording, make sure that your audio program configure to recognize the M-Audio Fast Track Pro as your primary input and output device.

Also, check that your input levels are not too hot – if the red “Clip” LED starts flashing, you have an excessive signal level.

If you don’t have the time, patience, or technical skills to manually download and install updates for your M-Audio drivers, Bit Driver Updater can do it for you. Its simple, fast, and convenient driver update tool will keep your PC up to date with the latest official drivers.

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