HID Fargo DTC1500 Driver For Windows

Built on two decades of direct-to-card printing expertise, the HID Fargo DTC1500 provides specific card issuance capabilities best fit for government ID projects, universities and schools, K-12, healthcare organizations, and small-to-medium sized businesses. Security, lower cost, and innovation come standard.

Features include a built-in custom watermark overlay function to hide information printed with a resin panel, thwarting counterfeiters without the need for holographic overlaminates. Optional encoding and lamination modules increase the value of your investment even further.

YMCKO Printing HID Fargo DTC1500 Driver:

The YMCKO print technology provides high-definition printing for detailed and colorful ID cards. This printer can also provide a higher level of security by including magnetic stripe encoding to program access control systems and embedding company or cardholder data within the card.

Standard password protection and AES data encryption offer a high level of security that helps prevent card fraud. It’s also earth friendly with GreenCircle certified for efficient energy consumption and using eco-friendly refill ribbons.

This model offers field upgradeable options such as dual-sided printing, smart and magnetic card encoding, and lamination modules.

This makes the DTC1500 versatile and secure enough to meet your changing needs. Additional security features such as resin threshold and a built-in watermark overlay function that allow you to apply a custom, self-designed security image directly to the card overlay help prevent counterfeiting and data breaches.

Easily enable these features with the RFID tag that comes with the printer to make after-purchase upgrades simple and fast.

Resin Threshold Printing:

The HID Fargo DTC1500 Driver offers a number of unique security features to fortify your organization’s ID card program.

One of those features is the ability to include a custom watermark overlay on each printed card. This watermark can be a logo, design, or text and helps prevent ID card counterfeiting by making it difficult to replicate.

This dual-sided printer is back by an industry-leading three-year standard warranty on the printer and printhead.

It’s also ENERGY STAR certified, which means it’s an energy-efficient photo ID printing solution that supports corporate sustainability initiatives by reducing power consumption when in sleep mode.

Designed to be a versatile and affordable choice, the DTC1500 comes standard with several innovative and easy-to-implement security elements, allowing organizations of all sizes to routinely issue highly secure cards at a fraction of the cost without sacrificing quality.

Low-cost, high-capacity consumables and a modular, scalable design simplify in-field upgrades to accommodate future needs.

Distinctive security features including resin threshold printing allow for darker, crisper text and barcodes to help thwart counterfeiters.

Resin Scramble Data Protection:

The HID Fargo DTC1500 is a great choice for organizations that need to protect their ID card information. This printer has a built-in security feature that uses the overlay panel to print a custom transparent logo, symbol, or text watermark on each printed card.

This helps to make it more difficult for counterfeiters to duplicate cards without specialized ribbons or equipment.

The DTC1500 also offers a secure printing function that scrambles data on the resin panel when it’s printed. This makes it virtually impossible for thieves to decipher and reprint a previously stolen card.

It’s a very effective way to help protect your cards and prevent identity theft without needing to invest in expensive holographic overlaminates or foil cards.

The DTC1500 is also green-friendly and offers GreenCircle-certified efficient energy use, recyclable ribbons, and a lower carbon footprint. It has been designed to be easier to service and save you money on energy costs.

Custom Watermark Overlay:

Designed for governmental agencies, K-12 schools, healthcare facilities, and small-to-medium businesses, the DTC1500 delivers distinctive security capabilities that make it ideal for organizations that have rigorous card issuance requirements.

It features innovative, easy-to-implement security-standards-based features such as resin scramble data protection and the ability to apply a custom watermark overlay.

This feature applies a customized, transparent security image (logo, symbol, or text) as a watermark to the card’s overlay panel making duplication extremely difficult without requiring additional investment in foil cards and hardware. The overlay is printed during the standard YMCKO printing process and uses the “O” panel of a standard ribbon.

Low-cost, high-capacity consumables and a lower total cost of ownership make the DTC1500 the ideal choice for organizations with demanding card-printing needs.

It is built on decades of proven direct-to-card printing expertise and offers a modular, scalable design that simplifies in-field equipment upgrades. It is also earth-friendly and GreenCircle certified for efficient energy consumption.

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