Fargo DTC550 Driver For Windows

Fargo DTC550 Driver is a software program that supports your card printer hardware. It can help you eliminate failures and correct errors in your device’s performance.

This ID card printer is built to meet the security and IT needs of medium-to-large corporations, public safety departments, large hospitals, and research centers.

Its encoding options handle magnetic stripe, prox, and smart cards and it offers lamination for greater durability.

Dual Output Card Hopper:

Modeled after 20 years of direct-to-card printing expertise, the Fargo DTC5500LMX printer offers advanced performance that saves you time and money.

This workhorse features dual card hoppers that allow for different card stocks, a locking feature to prevent theft of blank cards, and lamination options that extend your card’s life.

Also, This versatile printer is a great choice for large corporations, service bureaus, and larger educational institutions.

It supports centralized or distributed ID card production and a range of encoding options including magnetic stripe, contact and contactless smart cards, and proximity cards.

The 56305 also features HID Fargo’s iON technology that dramatically reduces the laminator warm-up time from 2-5 minutes to 45 seconds, improving productivity in intermittent issuance environments such as DMVs and university campuses.

This innovative technology also controls and optimizes the laminator’s temperature for maximum performance. This powerful and reliable card printer is back by HID Fargo’s three-year manufacturer warranty.

Multiple Encoding Options:

The DTC5500LMX is the most flexible direct-to-card printer/encoder on the market, with options for multiple encoding functions and lamination.

It also features dual card hoppers and an optional lock to prevent the theft of blank cards. Optional magnetic stripe and contact and contactless smart card encoding make it a great choice for organizations that need a high level of security.

Standard lamination helps to protect your cards from forgery, tampering, and physical wear by reducing swipe abrasion, dye migration, image-fading UV light, and more.

Adding overlaminates with holographic and micro text provides an additional layer of visual security for your cardholders.

The DTC5500LMX also includes HID Fargo’s iON technology, which reduces the lamination chamber warm-up time from an average of 2-5 minutes to just 40 seconds, which increases productivity in intermittent issuance environments.

This printer back by HID’s three-year manufacturer warranty. A special printer driver utility, called Fargo Workbench, is included for easy printer security, diagnostics, and firmware updates.

Lamination Options:

The Fargo DTC550 is a direct-to-card ID card printer/encoder designed to meet the security and IT needs of medium-to-large corporations, public safety departments, large hospitals, and research centers.

Its encoding options handle magnetic stripe, proximity, contactless and smart cards, and its lamination option adds an extra layer of protection against swipe abrasion, dye migration, and physical wear.

This printer resides on a network and can be password protect to ensure printing and encoding only take place by authorized users.

This model has a heavy-duty metal and plastic body that was built to ensure optimum performance in high-volume, intermittent issuance environments such as DMVs or university campuses. It is back by HID Fargo’s three-year warranty and lifetime printhead warranty.

In addition to this, the Fargo Workbench printer utility allows you to password-protect your printer and gain access to key printer and ribbon information (including a library of card samples, print logs, and more), update your printer firmware, and perform various troubleshooting tasks.

Special Printer Driver Utility:

As an added value, each Fargo DTC550 Printer includes a special printer driver utility called Fargo Workbench. It is a user-friendly application for adding password protection to the printer, accessing key printer information such as serial number and installed options, monitoring ribbon usage, and more.

Security and IT professionals will appreciate the industry-leading versatility of this Fargo ID card printer. Dual card hoppers accommodate two different card stocks, while the optional lock prevents the theft of blank cards. Encoding options handle prox, contact, and contactless smart cards, while the lamination option extends card life.

A field-installable lamination module applies a Fargo Polyguard overlaminate to both sides of the card. This helps reduce tampering and provides visual enhancement while enhancing the overall image quality of your ID cards.

The printer also features a reject card hopper, and a card lamination flattener which reduces card bowing. The printer is easy to integrate into a distributed enterprise or service bureau environment via an Ethernet port and internal print server, and bi-directional status allows for remote printer monitoring and management.

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