Plustek OpticSlim 1180 Driver For Windows

Plustek OpticSlim 1180 Driver is a tabloid-size scanner designed to scan art, photos, scrapbooks, genealogy research, maps, newspaper, historical documents, and more. Four one-touch scan buttons simplify and automate the most common scanning functions.

Its compact, slim design takes up less space on your desktop than other A3 scanners. Plus, it complies with ENERGY STAR standards to contribute to an environmentally responsible workplace.

Large Format Scanning:

Scan large documents, photos, films, and slides with the Plustek OpticSlim 1180 Driver on Windows or macOS. Get all those old pictures out of boxes and onto your computer with this high-quality flatbed scanner.

This large format A3-sized tabloid scanner is ideal for art, scrapbooking, and genealogy research as well as scanning maps, newspapers, and historical documents.

It features a sleek, compact design that takes up less desktop and storage space than other A3-sized scanners. Four one-touch scan buttons simplify and automate the most common scanning functions.

The scanner utilizes an LED light source to provide stable illumination that doesn’t change from scan to scan or over the life of the device. It also meets ENERGY STAR requirements, contributing to an environmentally friendly and responsible workplace.

Bundled software includes easy-to-use image processing and document management tools, fast and secure PDF conversion, thumbnail preview, and accurate OCR for text processing.

Compact Design:

With a sleek, compact design, the OpticSlim 1180 takes up less desktop space and storage than other A3-sized tabloid scanners. It is perfect for any SOHO workplace.

Digitize your newspaper collection to keep it safe from deterioration and easily search for articles. Similarly, digitize blueprints and design drawings to preserve them forever.

OpticSlim 1180 features four one-touch scan buttons and bundled software for simplified image processing, document management, PDF creation, and highly accurate OCR. It is also ENERGY STAR qualified, contributing to environmentally friendly and responsible work environments.

It is an ideal scanner for scrapbooking, genealogy, photo organizers, map scanning, historical documents, and newspapers, as well as graphic designers, publishing companies, libraries, schools, and small office/home office (SOHO) users. Moreover, it is a great choice for those who are looking for high-quality large-format scanning at a reasonable price.

Easy to Use Plustek OpticSlim 1180 Driver:

The OpticSlim 1180 makes it easy to create your own eBook library. Simply scan and transfer your favorite books into digital files, then access and read them on your tablet or computer anytime you want. It can also help you preserve paper documents that would otherwise be destroyed over time.

For example, newspapers are unstable and deteriorate easily, but by scanning them into searchable PDFs, you can keep them forever and reference them whenever you need to.

The OpticSlim 1180 is an ideal choice for scrapbooking, genealogy research, photo organizers, map and historical document scanning, libraries, schools, small office/home offices (SOHO) users, and anyone who needs high-quality large format scanning at a budget-friendly price.

It comes with four one-touch scan buttons to simplify and automate the most common scanning functions. It is environmentally responsible and energy efficient, meeting ENERGY STAR standards.

LED Light Source:

The tabloid size 12 x 17″ Plustek OpticSlim 1180 scanner uses an LED light source which is more stable than the fluorescent lights in old flatbed scanners.

This makes the color scans and grayscale images sharper, without losing detail. It also requires less power to operate and needs no warm-up time.

Four one-touch buttons allow you to perform a pre-set job, such as scan to PDF or OCR. It meets ENERGY STAR standards, contributing to a more environmentally-friendly and responsible work space.

Bundled Software:

In addition to the standard features, the OpticSlim 1180 comes bundled with valuable yet easy-to-use image processing and document management software.

The bundled OCR function helps users to convert scanned paper documents into searchable PDF or editable text files.

With the superior digitized color algorithm, the OpticSlim 1180 can scan even sketches and crayon drawings without losing any of the original picture attributes. This capability makes it ideal for architectural, construction, and design drawing scanning.

Its sleek and compact size minimizes desktop space requirements, making it perfect for SOHO workplaces. In addition, it meets ENERGY STAR standards and contributes to an environmentally responsible and cost-efficient working environment.

It also has four one-touch scan buttons to simplify and automate the most common scanning functions. Its LED light source produces consistent illumination that does not change from scan to scan or over time.

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