Epson Perfection V700 Driver For Windows

This high-end flatbed scanner has one of the highest optical scan resolutions (6400 dpi) available for desktop models.

It features Digital ICE Technologies for automatically removing dust and scratches from films and prints, minimizing costly retouching.

It can digitize a standard DIN-A4 document at 600 dpi in just a few seconds. This makes it a good choice for those who want to quickly scan non-transparent images.

Film holder for 4×5″ flat films:

If you have large quantities of 4×5″ films, it’s a good idea to invest in one of these film holders. They are much smaller and lighter than dark slides, making it easier to transport them.

They also work better than the old Fuji QuickLoad and Kodak Readyload packets, which were plagued with problems.

The scanner offers a maximum scanning resolution of 6400 dpi for film material that is placed in corresponding holders and 4800 dpi for opaque images or film material without any holders.

However, these high resolutions make only sense for negatives or slides – higher resolutions are not useful for transparent pictures.

The film holder is easy to insert and locks in place after opening it. Even bowed film strips can be aligned easily. This makes it easier to scan and process the positives.

Film holder for 9x12cm flat films:

The film holder has a set of four strip-shaped frames into which either one or two pictures can be inserted. The notch on one side of the frame faces the emulsion towards the scanner lens.

The Epson Perfection V700 Photo comes. With a dual-lens system that automatically adjusts the lens used depending on the scan mode selected.

When scanning reflective art up to 4800 dpi, the scanner uses a high-resolution lens. When scanning film, it uses the 6400 dpi Super Resolution lens.

DIGITAL ICE technology helps to remove dust, scratches, folds, and creases from scanned image files. The technology recognizes physical defects on a print surface and eliminates them using sophisticated software algorithms. This ensures a flawless, high-quality scan every time.

Medium format film holder:

VueScan reverse-engineered the Epson Perfection V700 to let you use it with software for scanning film, slides, and negatives.

It works with framed 35mm slides, short film strips, and medium format film holders (three pictures 4.5×6 and six pictures 6×4.5).

The scanner can be started either using a large button on the front panel or by opening your favorite scanning application. Then you just place your photos, slides, or film in the holder and align it with plastic pins on the side of the document bed.

There are a lot of different methods for scanning your own film but many of them require huge equipment and can be very expensive. With the V700 Photo, you can do it quite easily with standard software like Easy Photo Fix and DIGITAL ICE.

Flatbed scanner for slides:

For scanned non-transparent images, this scanner works remarkably quickly. A preview scan is ready in a few seconds and the fine scan is even quicker.

For slides and negatives, however, it’s a different story. Dedicated film scanners offer much higher scanning resolutions and are able to correct image quality problems in addition to dust, scratches, and other defects.

Epson V700 Photo is not a bad solution at all, but for the most demanding users, we would recommend a specialized flatbed scanner.

The hardware-based image enhancement ICE is praiseworthy and the included software package with Adobe Photoshop Elements, ABBYY FineReader Sprint Plus, and SilverFast SE is well-thought-out.

It’s a shame, though, that the installation CD doesn’t contain an installation manual. Those who don’t have a lot of PC experience will probably struggle to install everything without help.

Film holder for 35mm film strips:

The film holder for 35mm film strips provides an excellent solution to digitize your old negatives quickly and easily. It can be used with a scanner equipped with the ES-2 Film Digitizing Adapter to create high-resolution digital files.

It holds four strip-shaped frames into which either six or fewer pictures can be inserted. The holder has a unique design that ensures the film strips are aligned properly across the whole frame, reducing Newton rings and other artifacts.

The holder also includes a set of ‘guide layers’ (also known as spacers) made of Acetal engineering plastics, well-known for their ultra-low friction coefficient and ultimate hardness and longevity.

These guide layers have a height of 0.5mm and are precision laser cut, making it very easy to obtain consistent relative positioning for all negatives, regardless of the emulsion side.

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