DocuCentre IV 2060 Driver For Windows

Driver chuan cua may Xerox IV 2060 s kich chin tr cho Windows: Co lch ca This PC, Hoac ng phát kim (Properties) và chun b ti [System type].

Supports today’s mobile workforce – staff will hot-desk with laptops and smartphones and will print from anywhere on the network. Improve your productivity with a variety of features.

Multi-Function DocuCentre IV 2060 Driver:

DocuCentre IV 2060 Driver Download – Fuji Xerox understands you require a reputable monochrome multifunction tool that sustains procedure within your property better than a typical desktop copier.

That’s why we introduce you to DocuCentre-IV 3065/3060/2060: a compact as well as agile cordless device with enhanced as well as versatile alternatives that match your premises and also provide premium functions to help you work much more efficiently.

These machines help reduce your environmental impact with energy-saving features including:

Smart Energy Management Technology

Uses smart power control to supply energy only when activated functions are being used. This results in lower TEC (Typical Electricity Consumption) with less power consumed during sleep mode than similar devices in this class.

enables you to route scans to email recipients or file locations using convenient templates. It can even scan and digitalize paper documents, compress(Note6) the data, and create searchable PDF documents without any special software solutions. The result is less paper, lower cost, and a reduction in your carbon footprint.

Mobile Printing:

The DocuCentre IV 2060 Driver is built to be connected to mobile printing solutions. Users can easily print from a variety of mobile devices with the help of the free Fuji Xerox Mobile Print App.

This application allows them to access printer settings, monitor job status, and even cancel prints right from their smartphones.

This print application works with the most popular smartphone operating systems. Its user-friendly interface makes it easy for anyone to use.

It also helps eliminate the need for additional software installation. With a typical energy consumption feature of 1.56 kilowatt-hours (TEC), the DocuCentre IV 2060 is an environmentally friendly solution.

The DocuCentre IV 2060 Driver comes with several other features that improve its efficiency. For example, it offers a high-speed scanning function of up to 55 pages per minute (ppm).

This lets you digitize paper documents and save them on your PC as digital files. You can also send them as email attachments. The scanned data can even contain text informationNote5 which helps you search and reuse the digitized documents.

Advanced Finishing:

With a range of advanced finishing capabilities, you can take your documents to the next level. Options include stapling, hole-punching, and booklet-making. Give your sales proposals and marketing collateral a professional finish that enhances your company image.

Eco-friendly features include a sleep mode that reduces energy consumption to less than 1.0 W, plus the use of EA-Eco toner which requires 20 times less fusing temperature than conventional toner.

The device also uses biomass plastics sourced from corn – an environmentally friendly alternative to oil-based plastics, helping to reduce pressure on dwindling petroleum resources.

Optional WiFi enables printing from mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, supporting today’s mobile workforce. And Server-less On-Demand Print gives your staff a way to collect their print jobs on other devices** on the network — increasing productivity and providing redundancy.

Easily Scalable DocuCentre IV 2060 Driver:

The DocuCentre-IV 3065 / 3060 / 2060 series multifunction devices come with the power and work-saving features you need to improve productivity. With a print and copy speed of up to 35 ppm in simplex and duplex, you can get more done in less time.

A high-speed color scanning function of 55 ppmNote3 helps digitize paper documents. This digital data can be stored on a PC or sent as an email attachment, reducing print volume and contributing to energy savings.

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