Canon TM-5300 Driver For Windows

Canon imagePROGRAF TM-5300 Driver Download – The TM Series comes with an abundance of software designed to bring out the full potential of the printer.

Including an AutoCAD optimized printer driver and Poster Artist Lite which makes it easy to create professional posters in four simple steps with over 800 templates, images and Clipart.

This article contains the latest Canon TM-5300 Driver available for download. You can download free it from this website.

TM-5300 Printer Driver:

Canon ImagePROGRAF TM-5300 36 Inch Large Format Printer Price in Bangladesh

Also, The imagePROGRAF TM-5300 offers high-speed, accurate printing complete with vivid colours, high security and ease of use. It can print up to 36 D-sized prints per hour, making it a great choice for businesses that need high-volume printing.

It uses an inkjet technology that sprays liquid ink onto the paper through microscopic nozzles. This allows the printer to create high-quality images and documents with a higher contrast and more vibrant colours than laser printers.

It also has a flatbed scanner and automatic document feeder, which make it easy to scan and copy documents.

The TM series features Canon’s LUCIA TD inks, which are specially designed for CAD/GIS printing. The five-shading color inks with high surface tension deliver dense lines and crisp text and produce luminous colour with minimal feathering.

This enables users to print a wide range of applications and opens up new markets such as outdoor displays with water resistance.

TM-5300 MFP Driver:

Also, The imagePROGRAF TM-5300 MFP L36ei large format multifunction printer offers print, scan-to-file, and cloud solutions for architects, engineers, consulting firms, small offices, and K-12 schools. This versatile imaging system enables parallel processing of scanning and printing, increasing productivity.

LUCIA TD inks with high surface tension deliver dense, crisp text and vivid colors that resist weathering. Advanced print head technology provides precise ink droplets with a minimum of misfiring, delivering exceptional printing quality.

Device Management Console – Monitor printer status such as error messages and ink levels of up to 50 printers. The Media Configuration Tool – Easily manage, update and arrange media information in the operation panel and printer driver.

PosterArtist Lite – Create professional posters in four easy steps. Enjoy a variety of templates and close to 800 images and Clipart.

Autocad(r) Optimized Printer Driver – Allows for faithful printing of drawing data from the CAD software, Autodesk AutoCAD. Canon Print Service – Easily print documents and photos directly from compatible Android mobile devices.

TM-5300 Scanner Driver:

Canon imagePROGRAF TM-5300 MFP L36ei A0 Large Format Printer Drivers, Review And Price

The Canon imagePROGRAF TM-5300 large-format printer redefines printer excellence. Featuring the same printing technology found in production-grade large format printers, it delivers superb quality and ease of use for CAD and design work.

Also, This 36-inch large-format printer is ideal for low-volume and entry-level users that require easy-to-use, scan-to-copy/file/cloud solutions.

Designed for architects, engineers, consulting firms, small offices and K-12 schools that require a minimal learning curve for new equipment.

Also, The LUCIA TD pigment ink system provides high-quality prints that are durable and weather resistant. The 5-color full pigment inks with high surface tension produce sharp lines and crisp text.

Prints are vivid and vibrant when printed on uncoated paper, and can last for long-term outdoor displays when using water-resistant media.

LUCIA TD also supports AutoCAD optimized printer drivers, providing faithful printing of drawings created with AutoCAD.

The TM-5300 offers a range of software options to enhance productivity, including PosterArtist Lite and Print Studio Pro.

TM-5300 MFP L36ei Driver:

Also, The TM-5300 MFP L36ei is an entry-level large-format imaging system providing print, scan and copy capabilities at an affordable price. It features simple operation hardware and intuitive software that helps minimize the learning curve for those new to large format scanning.

Also, Canon LUCIA TD inks deliver superb print quality for high-impact graphics, detailed drawings, and vibrant colors even on inexpensive uncoated paper.

Featuring a high surface tension. So the 5-color full pigment inks ensure dense text and crisp lines with minimal feathering.

Easily share your ideas with the TM-5300 MFP series by using the free, cloud portal and batch printing solution, Direct Print and Share.

Also, The included PosterArtist Lite poster creation software allows users to create professional posters in four easy steps and the Media Configuration Tool helps manage and arrange printer information in both the operation panel and the printer driver.

Also, SmartWorks MFP software is an efficient document management tool that enables users to scan and store, share and collaborate on large format technical documents quickly and easily. AutoCAD Optimized Printer Driver – enables faithful printing of drawings created in AutoCAD.

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