Xerox Versalink B7035 Driver

How to Install the Xerox Versalink B7030 Driver

To install the Xerox Versalink B7035 Driver, follow these simple steps. First, you need to download the file, then double-click on it to save it in a folder of your choice. The file will be in EXE format, so double-click it to begin the decompression process.

The resulting file should install automatically. If the driver isn’t installed, follow the next steps to fix the issue.

Installing the Xerox Versalink B7035 driver

Before you begin installing the Xerox Versalink B735 printer driver, you need to know what your system’s requirements are.

Windows systems require the PCL6 V3 or V4 print driver. Mac OS X systems require the PostScript kit. If you have any problems, try re-defining the printer in System Preferences. Afterward, install the Xerox Versalink B7035 driver again by connecting it to the PC.

You’ll notice two print queues created by the process. One is labeled _xeroxtq1_ and has the name you were given during installation. You should use the name given during installation.

Do not use the other print queue unless you’re certain it will install correctly. It is not necessary to install the Xerox printer driver if it does not give you an error message.

Uninstalling the Xerox Versalink B7035 driver

To uninstall the Xerox Versalink B7105 driver, first, connect the printer to your PC. After installation, you’ll see a print queue with two names – one is the one you chose during installation, and the other is the cryptic name you selected when you first connected.

Use the name you selected during installation to print – don’t use the second print queue unless you’re certain that the driver you installed is the correct one.

The Xerox VersaLink(r) family of products offers compelling value and affordable total cost of ownership, including an MFP and a printer.

These devices deliver benchmark security, performance, and complete dependability – all with a low TCO. Whether you need an MFP, printer, or scanner, you’ll find a versatile and cost-efficient solution for your business.

Using the Xerox Mobile Express Driver

The Xerox Mobile Express Driver is a utility for printing from mobile devices. Once installed, it automatically finds and displays any networked printers that are available on the same subnet. The driver displays all the printers’ IP addresses, DNS names, and physical locations.

Users can change these settings if necessary. The driver also offers help buttons to guide the user through the process. Here are some steps to follow to install the driver.

Run the Xerox Mobile Express Driver and click “uninstall.” If the installation prompts that it’s an unapproved program, click “Uninstall.” This may prompt you to confirm your action and ask you to enter your administrator password.

If you’re using Windows Vista, you’ll need to run the uninstall process as an administrator. The help system will provide additional information about Vista uninstallation.

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