Xerox Universal Print Driver for Windows

Keep more printers, documents, and information connected and protected with a single universal print driver. Makes device management simpler for IT managers.

Traditionally, to send a job to a printer or MFP, a different driver was required for each device. This often left IT administrators busy.

Xerox keeps more print devices and documents connected and protected with a single universal driver that simplifies device management for IT managers.

Easy to install the Xerox Universal Print Driver:

The Xerox Universal Print Driver is a convenient and easy-to-install way to connect your PC to your Xerox printer. It supports a wide range of printer models, including non-Xerox machines and PostScript (PS) files.

However, keep in mind that the Universal Print Driver may not offer all of the features you can get with your specific brand’s driver.

It may also be slower than your specific brand’s driver, especially when printing high-resolution graphics and color graphs.

Installation on a Cluster Server:

A cluster is a network of servers that behave as one. When one node fails, the other nodes continue to operate.

The Xerox Universal Print Driver is compatible with this technology. So and it will automatically deploy the proper driver settings on each surviving node. This can dramatically reduce the number of redundant print drivers and help lower costs and downtime.

Easy to manage:

Xerox Universal Print Driver is the first printer fleet driver that can be managed and maintained from a single central location.

It dramatically reduces the management headaches that come with deploying multiple drivers and allows IT to better control the printing environment.

It also keeps more printers, documents, and information connected and protected by providing a familiar user experience across printer models.

That means less training is needed and IT can add and update printers without having to reinstall individual drivers.

This driver supports a wide range of Xerox and non-Xerox printers on Windows 10 and other operating systems. It is easy to use and requires no certification or help desk support.

This driver can be configured to automatically identify which printer model the computer is using or to manually select it from a list of supported devices. It can also display only the printer features and options that are supported by the model.

Earth smart features:

The Earth Smart features within the Xerox Universal Print Driver allow users to reduce environmental pollution while printing.

The options can be selected as the default settings for all printing or can be changed individually for each job sent to a printer.

Using Earth Smart, users can quickly set controls that will help them to save energy and paper, such as removing banner pages or turning on 2-sided printing. They can also reduce the amount of toner used by producing lower-quality images.

The Earth Smart tab in the print driver displays a visual representation of estimated energy and paper savings based on the selections made. Not all of these options are supported on every machine.

Multi-language support:

Xerox Universal Print Driver offers multi-language support, making it easy for end users to install it on their computers.

This helps to reduce the time required to install and maintain printer drivers, as well as the hard drive space occupied by many product-specific drivers.

It also simplifies testing and internal certification of printer drivers, according to Xerox. Moreover, it saves time by eliminating the need to download individual print drivers for each machine in a network.

The Xerox Universal Print Driver is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, and Windows Server 2003. It can also be installed on a Terminal Server or Citrix Server if desired.

It supports a wide range of printer models and features, including booklet-making, multifunction options, and other finishing features.

This print driver can also be used with the PostScript language, which is often recommended by Xerox for printing graphical objects such as color graphs and complex graphics. However, it can have slower printing speeds and is not found on as many platforms as PCL.

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