HP Designjet 800 42 Plotter Driver For Windows

If you have an HP DesignJet 800 42 plotter Driver but are having trouble installing the for Windows 7, you’re not alone. This problem has been around for 11 years, and the driver for your HP plotter has not changed in that time.

Before you try to install the driver, make sure your HP plotter is compatible with Windows 7. If it’s not, go to Device Manager, select your HP plotter, and then choose the correct driver file.

Download process HP Designjet 800 42 Plotter Driver

If you’ve been trying to download HP Designjet 800 42 Plotter drivers in Windows 10, but are not able to find them, you’re not alone. This issue has plagued HP plotters for eleven years.

While Microsoft’s software has improved a lot since HP first produced plotter drivers, HP hasn’t made them for a decade. If this is happening to you, try these workaround steps.

Installation of HP Designjet 800 42 Plotter:

To install your HP DesignJet 800 42 Plotter, you will need to download it from the manufacturer’s website. The driver for this printer series is available for both 64-bit and 32-bit PCs.

You should select the driver that matches your operating system. Then, connect your printer to your computer. When the installation is complete, you can open the device and start printing.

Problems Driver:

If you are experiencing HP DesignJet 80042 Plotter Driver problems, you are not alone. The driver for this plotter is not compatible with Windows 10. This is because HP stopped supporting it after Windows 2000.

However, you can still use it if you have an older version of Windows. Follow these simple steps to resolve your plotter driver issue. However, if you are still experiencing this issue, you should consider contacting HP or Microsoft to see if they can fix this issue.

Errors Hp driver:

If you have an HP Designjet 800 42 plotter, and you’re having trouble installing its driver, you’re not alone. This problem is caused by the driver’s incompatibility with Windows 10 and older versions of Windows.

HP no longer supports the plotter, so it’s unlikely that it will work on the latest version of Windows. However, you can try the workaround methods listed below to resolve this problem.


If your HP DesignJet 800 42 Plotter is having problems, you can update the firmware to get the printer up and running again. The firmware update procedure can be performed by downloading the latest version of the software from HP’s website.

Be sure to be physically present when performing the firmware update to avoid damaging the printer. You can also check out some helpful tips and tricks to update your plotter.

Can’t install:

If you can’t install the HP Designjet 800 42 plotter driver on Windows 7, you’re not alone. This problem has been affecting HP plotters for over 11 years now.

Windows 7 has changed a lot since HP first launched the plotter, and there’s no way to fix it without installing the driver yourself.

To solve this problem, first, make sure that the plotter is working on Windows 7. Then go to the Device Manager and select the driver file.

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