Apple Mobile Device USB Driver for Windows

If your Apple Mobile Device USB Driver is outdated, you can update it manually or automatically with a driver updater application. If you’d like to use a driver updater tool, you can find one here: Driver Easy.

The software has an easy-to-use interface that can help you update your Apple Mobile Device USB Drivers in just a few clicks.

Downloading Apple Mobile Device USB Driver:

If your computer’s USB port isn’t working, it may be time to download and install the latest Apple Mobile Device USB Drivers.

You can manually download the latest version of the driver, or use the Driver Update Tool to download and install it automatically. Downloading the latest version of the driver is a convenient way to keep your system up to date.

Alternatively, you can download the driver from the Apple official website, or from the Microsoft store. Once you have downloaded the driver, you can open it with FonePaw DoTrans or another application. Once the driver is installed, you can use the software to move files from one computer to another.

Installing Apple Mobile Device USB Driver:

Apple Mobile Device USB Drivers is a component that helps your computer recognize and connect to your mobile device. This software can be manually installed or updated.

It is available in both Free and Pro versions. The Pro version has automatic updates. If you want to manually update your driver, you can do so from the Windows device manager.

Apple Mobile Device USB Drivers is also known as Universal Serial Bus controller. You can enable or disable it on your computer as needed. Alternatively, you can scan for hardware changes and enable or disable the driver.

Updating Process:

If you have an Apple mobile device, you may have to update the USB driver on your computer to use the device correctly. To update your driver, go to your computer’s Control Panel and look under the Universal Serial Bus controllers.

Find the Apple Mobile Device USB Drivers, right-click on it, and then choose Update Drivers. This will remove the old driver and install the latest one.

If you do not have the latest version, you can install it manually by downloading it from the manufacturer’s website. You can also use a free tool that will update the driver automatically for you. This is a good alternative to manual installation, as it can download and install the latest version of all required drivers for your device.


If you’re experiencing problems with an Apple mobile device, you may need to install the mobile device’s USB driver. This can be downloaded from the official Apple website.

The mobile device USB driver allows your computer to detect and work with your Apple mobile device. Once the driver has been installed, you may need to reinstall the software for it to work correctly.

To update the Apple Mobile Device USB Drivers, you can do it manually or automatically using a third-party drivers updater. You can either use the free version of this program to perform the update, or use the Pro version to update the driver automatically.

Uninstalling process:

The first thing you should do if you notice that your Apple mobile device USB driver is missing is to open the device manager and locate the driver. You will find that the driver is located in the Universal Serial Bus Controller category.

Click the arrow next to it to expand the list of devices. You can also right-click on the Apple Mobile Device USB Device and select disable. Once you have done this, you can restart your computer.

To uninstall the driver, navigate to C: Program Files (x86)Common FilesAppleMobileDeviceSupportDrivers. If you cannot find this driver, look for Apple Mobile Device Support Drivers in the same folder. If you don’t see the driver, double-check your USB cable and make sure it is in good condition.

Also, make sure that you have the latest iTunes installed on your computer. If these steps don’t work, you can also try uninstalling the drivers.

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